SPLAB Mission & Vision

As of March 22, 2014, SPLAB is now SPLAB – Seattle Poetics LAB. Our mission and vision will be clarified in the months ahead to deepen our focus on poetics.

Our Mission

The SPLAB mission is to promote spokenword performance, develop the audience for poetry, develop resources to support poetry, to do public outreach, and build community through shared experience of the spoken and written word.

The SPLAB membership includes poets, poetry organizations, and individuals that maintain a distinct presence in field of poetry both in the United States and internationally. As SPLAB gathers support and finances, it deepens its focus to bioregionally animate & culturally construct Cascadia, gathering writers, artists, scientists and activists to collaborate, discover and foster deeper connection between all inhabitants and the place itself.

Our Vision and Values:  Building the Community

SPLAB is driven by a vision of community.

The SPLAB community:

  • informs and inspires its members by bringing artists from disparate disciplines together to encourage discourse and debate;
  • challenges the established conventions surrounding art and its influence, human consciousness, and the role of the artist in the community;
  • contributes to the community through outreach and an ethos of sustainability;
  • supports artists, especially those of written and spoken word, through events, forums, and strategic partnerships across Cascadia.

SPLAB is committed to these values:

  • We value creative development. SPLAB exists to provide a forum where individual poets, the art of poetry, and their respective artistic energy can be brought together through a variety of media for individual, collective and cultural transformation. SPLAB creates supportive educational programs and encourages discourse among poets and other artists so they may strive for deeper creative experiences and enhance cultural dialogue in an effort to transcend the industry-generated culture.
  • We value the voices of our community. SPLAB recognizes the importance of individual histories and encourages their preservation through interviewing, storytelling, and archiving.  Cross-generational conversation and mentoring strengthens the voices of the present and inspires those of the future.
  • We value human consciousness. Humans are inherently creative beings, even when they are not actively composing through music, visual media, movement, or spoken and written word.  SPLAB seeks to cultivate a richer vocabulary for the discussion to enable higher consciousness, mind/body connection, morphogenetic field theory, as well as spiritual and esoteric thought.
  • We value sustainability in all of its forms. Fostering a community of artists begins with certain fundamentals.  SPLAB supports local farmers, whole systems agriculture and biodiversity practices, innovative approaches to healthful living, and a general bioregional ethos.

4 Responses to SPLAB Mission & Vision

  1. Rodney Herold says:

    I’d like to be involved. My main creative talents at present lie in the area of video production. In the ’70’s I was one of the founders of South End Seattle Community Organization (SESCO)and in the late ’80’s I was part of Cascadia Community Builders, a general contracting cooperative.

  2. Logan Chrysler says:

    This is great! I’ve never seen a site quite like this… And I hope to help out a lot in the future, This is a great site for the spoken word to flourish, expand, and hopefully, make history.

  3. Splabman says:

    Thanks Logan.

  4. I am a new spoken word artist and have performed at several location congregations, in Portland OR, at the Opera House, and at the Gulla festival. I look forward to attending SLAB sponsored events and learning how I can become more connected and involved. Please include me on your listserv.


    J. Ware

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