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More on “Place” in the Living Room 10.11.11 7P

When someone tells you where they’re from, are they quick to qualify their statement? When you know a poet hails from a certain locale, how does that effect your perception of them? If Frank O’ Hara had been from Oklahoma, … Continue reading

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African Ideas of The Word (Living Room Tuesday 6.21.11, 7P)

What do onomatopoeia, scat singing, synethesia, word-as-image, l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e poetry, the Dogon idea of “Mu” (via Nathaniel Mackey) and its connection to Charles Olson’s idea of “pre-utterance,” and ancient occult ideas of “nyama” and “heka,” all have in common? Something, I … Continue reading

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June 20 Prose Reading @ SPLAB

We’re sad to see the demise of Pilot Books, a tiny store on Capitol Hill, but energetic supporter of innovative writing. On Monday, June 20 at 7:30 PM, SPLAB welcomes two writers who had planned to read at Pilot move … Continue reading

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The Music of Poetry of Music (Tuesday May 24 Living Room)

As poets, are we always conscious of the musicality with which we write? Infused with rhythm, meter, resonance (or intentionally rejecting these things), a poem is a song unto itself.  Not surprisingly, poets have a long-standing tradition of being inspired … Continue reading

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