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What do you Love? (2.14.12 Living Room)

To paraphrase Bo Diddley: I walked forty-seven miles of barbed wire, I got a cobra snake for a necktie A brand new house on the road side, and it’s a-made out of rattlesnake hide Got a band new chimney put … Continue reading

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Erasure: Dec 6 L v ng R m 7P

Prose is prose because of what it includes; poetry is poetry because of what it leaves out. —Marvin Bell What is erasure poetry and why does Ron Silliman compare it to the play of burlesque or striptease?  Come to Living … Continue reading

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Living Room Tuesday, October 4 – 7PM 98118 Lives!

“To be frank, the inevitable panel discussion on the ‘poetry of place’ bores me: it takes place too literally. The place of poetry is nothing less than the place of love, for language; the place of shifting ground, for human … Continue reading

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Living Room, 11.9.10

Resisting the Intelligence (Alex Bleecker facilitates) Often likened to Billy Collins and criticized by academics as seeking to ‘dumb down’ poetry, acclaimed poet and critic Tony Hoagland has always been an advocate of making/keeping poetry accessible.  Worried that poetry is … Continue reading

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