May 31 Living Room 7P Poetry of Cascadia

Map by David McCloskey

Who are the quintessential poets of Cascadia; that area (according to one scholar) from Cape Mendocino in northern California east to Yellowstone Lake, up the Continental Divide to (& including) the Alaska panhandle, most of British Columbia, all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and some of Montana?

Theodore Roethke, Gary Snyder, Sam Hamill, Heather McHugh, Robin Blaser, George Bowering, Tess Gallagher, Lissa Wolsak, Robert Bringhurst, Fred Wah, Charles Potts, Philip Whalen, bill bissett, Michael McClure, Lew Welch, Richard Hugo, who else?

What are the qualities in the best poetry from this region? Who best demonstrates a sense of place?

Bring your thoughts, your poems of Cascadia, your honest opinions and hear about plans for a Cascadia Poetry Conference March 23-26 at Doe Bay on Orcas Island. Paul Nelson facilitates. There will be critique of your writing, if you desire, after the Cascadia discussion. Suggested donation $5 to keep SPLAB open. SPLAB is at 3651 S. Edmunds in the former Columbia School, just three blocks from the Columbia City Link Light Rail stop. Parking is available on site. There are only five more Living Room sessions until our summer break at the end of June. If you can’t make it May 31, please feel free to comment below and stay tunes to for info on the March 2012 conference.

About Splabman

SPLAB founder Paul Nelson wrote Organic Poetry (VDM Verlag, German, 2008) as well as a serial poem re-enacting the history of Auburn, Washington, A Time Before Slaughter (Apprentice House, 2010). In 26 years of radio he interviewed Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Anne Waldman, Sam Hamill, Robin Blaser, Nate Mackey, Eileen Myles, Wanda Coleman, George Bowering, Joanne Kyger, Jerome Rothenberg & others. Founder of the Cascadia Poetry Festival, recent publications on and off-line include: Hambone, Pageboy, Menacing Hedge, Fieralingue, Rain Taxi, Solitary Plover, the Soul of the Earth anthology, Along the Rim: The Best of the Pacific Rim Review (Vol 2), Inactual, Raft magazine and Golden Handcuffs Review. He lives in Seattle, won the 2014 Robin Blaser Award from the Capilano Review and writes at least one American Sentence every day.
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One Response to May 31 Living Room 7P Poetry of Cascadia

  1. Bill Yake says:

    Who else?

    For starters –

    • Poets: Robert Sund, Tim McNulty, Ghandl of the Qayahl Llaanas, Jerry Martien, Skaay of the Qquuna Qiighawaay, and, in her later years, Denise Levertov.
    • Sculptors: Tom Jay and Tony Angell.
    • Artist: Morris Graves.
    • Photographer: Mary Randlett
    • Other writers: Ken Kesey, Don Berry, Robert Michael Pyle.
    • Biologists: Numerous — all those who study and protect denizens of forest, shore and air: Orcas, moss, frogs, murrelets, auklets, salamanders, slugs, geoducs, beavers, elk and thatch ants. Especially the dean of forest canopy research, Nalini Nadkarni.

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