Alex o Bleecker

Alex Bleecker

Alex Bleecker is a poet and teacher based in Seattle, where he works for the nonprofit 826 Seattle, and is a member of the SPLAB poetry nonprofit.  Along with Greg Bem and Jeremy Springsteed, he is a founder and curator of the monthly Breadline performance series on Capitol Hill (  In 2010 he started Respuestas, a website devoted to sharing poetic responses to Pablo Neruda’s Book of Questions (  Alex’s poems have appeared in print and online in Brownstone Poets Anthology, Clwn Wrs, fre•quen•cy, INACTUAL, Matter, Poets for Living Waters, Shampoo, Squaw Valley Review, et al., and he is a regular contributor to Uphook Press anthologies.  His is the author of the chapbook Found in a Cord (Poets Wear Prada Press, 2006).

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