Greg Bem

Greg Bem

Gregory Ellsworth Bem grew up in the land of blueberries, lobster, moose, and Florida RVs, and then, when finished, traveled down to the Ocean State. He spent time working for the government studying intermodal transportation, and then moved to the City of Brotherly Love. He settled in Cascadia, with a painter friend and a musician friend into a South Seattle apartment. Since moving to the City of Emerald, Bem has found wisdom in many new things–from the geoduck to the Rainier Mountain, to the potential of a previously-sleeping poetry scene. His own poetics, which should be left undefined, tap into the grotesque, the latent, and the terrorizing. They are, as Bem described it, born from a Community of Fire. Bem is a regular volunteer at the Rainier Valley Food Bank, SPL, and the Ballard Landmark. You can find him at

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